Sinoextract Int’l Ltd. is a worldwide enterprise with R&D, production and trade. "Return to nature, green health" for the idea of commitment to natural products research and development and promotion, mainly used in cosmetic and personal care, nutrition food Supplements, and other fields, with many kinds of products, complete specifications, quality and stability of the advantages. From powdered extracts to the essential oils,  from solvent extracts to high-level supercritical carbon dioxide extracts, from the standardization plant extracts to the high purity natural active monomers, from natural extracts to biological fermentation products, we can be more fully and quicker to meet the needs of customers at different levels.
Firstly, our cosmetics raw materials, mainly in functionality, including moisturizing, whitening, speckle-removing, anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-wrinkle, etc. such as hyaluronic acid used in moisturizing, ginsenosides used in whitening, anti-ultraviolet radiation from the rock tea extract. Secondly, health care products raw materials, mainly natural plant extracts, with efficacy of blood pressure-lowering, hypolipidemic, weight loss, improve sleep, anti-cancer, enhance immune function, etc, which is welcomed by domestic and foreign customers, clients Throughout Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other regions.

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